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Our Process

Our employment program will provide supports and services for people with disabilities that want to work. Our process includes.

Phase One (Assessment):
First, we get to know the participant so that we can find a job that is right for them. This includes discovering their interests, preferences, and abilities. Once we have found a potentially good fit, we figure out what kind of training the client will need in order to be successful in the workplace.

Phase Two (Placement):
ICAN is also working with businesses in the community to secure a position for our trainee. When they are ready, we take them to their new job site.

Phase Three (On-site Support):
Now that they are working, we make sure they have the ongoing support and supervision they need to be a productive team member at their work site. ICAN will continue to assist at the job site as they learn the position.

For more information email our Employment Services Program Manager at blake.vansteenburg@icanla.net, or call us at (310) 374-8295

If you have any concerns about our program, contact the Department of Developmental Services on their website or call them at (916) 654-1987.