Our clients have been hired at...

The SEP Team

Program Manager
The Program Manager oversees the day-to-day our operations. They make sure that all of the other team members have what they need and are doing their best to provide our clients with all the right support and opportunities they need to succeed. They also ensure that we fulfill all of our legal and operational responsibilities

Case Manager
The Case Manager works closely with both Job Coaches and clients, monitoring reports and progress as well as managing the paperwork. They enable ICAN’s leadership to keep track of how well each consumer is being served. Their diligent record keeping and paper processing is essential to each consumer’s success.

Job Developer
The Job Developer actively builds relationships with local businesses, locating and recruiting employers who are exciting about partnering with us and providing job opportunities for our participants. They also make sure that every job placement is a great fit for both the consumer and the employer.

Job Coach
The Job Coach is critical part of our team. They are there to provided the right amount of on-site support for each client so that they can thrive in their new job. They begin getting to know the client as soon as they enter the program. On the first day of work, the Job Coach is there is help them get adjusted and teach them what the job entails. From that day onward the Job Coach accompanies the consumer to work, providing the required amount of assistance for the consumer to learn to be able to do the job themself. Once the consumer is able to do their job independently, the job coach fades out of the picture, checking in monthly just to make sure that the client is doing ok.

For more information email our Employment Services Program Manager at blake.vansteenburg@icanla.net, or call us at (310) 374-8295.

If you have any concerns about our program, contact the Department of Developmental Services on their website or call them at (916) 654-1987.